Like a Weird Natural Cathedral with Beaches

If you ever travel in Thailand, do yourself a favour and visit Phang Nga Bay. Seriously, it’s even more stunning than the guide books say.

Travel in Thailand: Yana de Lys anchored in Phang Nga Bay
Yana de Lys anchored in Phang Nga Bay

In the Phang Nga Bay section of one of their Thailand Travel Guides, Lonely Planet says:

If Eden had an ocean it would look a little like this


Phang Nga Bay became famous when it was used as a location in the 1974 James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun. The towering limestone cliffs are breathtaking, other worldly.

I sailed around Phang Nga Bay in Yana de Lys but you can easily take a tour from Phuket or Phang Nga Town on the mainland.

Travel in Thailand Tip #2: Visit a sea cave in Phang Nga Bay

The Thais refer to the sea caves as “hongs” or rooms.

From the outside, the entrance to the sea cave on Koh Hong (Hong Island) is easy to miss.

Travel in Thailand: Can you spot the entrance to the sea cave?
Spot the sea cave entrance


But that’s okay, the tour guides know where they’re going in your sturdy inflatable kayak.

Anchored in Yana de Lys, we watched the hordes of tourists coming and going with amusement. Then when all the tour boats left we paddled in.

Discovering a hidden world

Inside we felt like we had found a hidden lost world. The sea cave was open to the sky, surrounded by soaring limestone walls. Like a weird natural cathedral with beaches. Stunning.

The sea cave was open to the sky, surrounded by soaring limestone walls. Click To Tweet

Sailing in Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is a perfect cruising ground. Plenty of anchorages, no long passages. Well protected. When we were based in Yacht Haven our favourite anchorages were Koh Wai Noi, Koh Phanak and Koh Hong.

Travel in Thailand: Yacht Haven was our base for exploring Phang Nga Bay
Yacht Haven was our base for exploring Phang Nga Bay

Have you ever been to Phang Nga Bay in Thailand? What was your favourite island?


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