Top five things I loved about PDR of Lao

Eating Korean in Vientiane

We began this year’s adventures with a couple of weeks exploring Laos. I loved every minute of it, but here are my hitpicks:

1. Tubing in Vang Vieng – floating downriver on a tractor tyre tube for five hours of doof doof bars, free Lao whiskey shots etc then nothing but jungle jungle jungle on both river banks. You gotta love eco tourism in Lao.

Chill out cafes in Vang Vieng 

2.Road trip in a 4WD pick up – 900 kms, two barge Mekong crossings and 237 hairpin bends in eight days.

4WD pickup

On the barge (looking over the bonnet)

3. Volunteering at the Big Brother Mouse literacy program in Luang Prabang. I may have learnt more from the students than they learnt from me. (First question “Can you explain what the English word ‘bribe’ means?”).

4. Drinking BeerLao with the locals in Pak Lay despite severe language barriers. Laughter is a universal language.

5. Two hours in a tiny boat up the Mekong to visit a wat with over 10,000 Buddha statues.

The boat which took us to the 10K Buddha statues

Just a few of the 10,000 Buddha statues

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