Third world lift out, first world touch down

We had Yana de Lys lifted out at the customs hard stand on Langkawi.  Over the years I have been involved in hauling out boats in a variety of different locations but man this was a first and makes me think next time I use the tammy lift at Fremantle Lifters I won’t have even one nervous moment.

They use a crane to lift the boats about three metres up onto the hard stand.  We multiplied the degree of difficulty by having both masts taken off first.  Just when we had all the stays loosened, a pile of storm clouds appeared on our horizon.  We decided to forge ahead anyway and the big winds decided to go elsewhere. Yay!








I think the slings they use are the ones the mining companies in WA sell off after three months because the fraying  voids their insurance.  Anyway the slings ended up in the right place, despite being twisted.  No point diving to check the placement, there is no visiblity because the bottom is mud.

Then two days later we flew home to Perth.

It’s true the other captain and I had been feeling a little bit depressed at the thought of going back to Australia.  But it’s not that bad.  I’d forgotten how much I love

  • Abundant salad and fresh veg being easily available
  • Great coffee, anywhere
  • Good radio which makes sense. ABC 720 local radio got me back up to speed and I still lerve RTR’s music
  • Exercise without becoming a puddle of perspiration within the first minute. I had a minor concern I had forgotten how to row my plastic dingy, The Brave, to shore and back from Beyond.  Maate, just like riding a  bike, there’s no forgettin.

Everything feels excruciatingly exxy after living seven months on and off a tax free island in Malaysia, but we’re back here earning Aussie dollars so we can go back and enjoy living off them in SE Asia.  ASAP.

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