Holed up at the Hole in Wall


The Hole in the Wall seen from the Kilim River.
The entrance is almost impossible to spot from the ocean.



Kilim River


Trees grow horizontally here


Yana de Lys at anchor in the Kilim River


Yana de Lys close up


The other captain, driving the dingy

Continuing on we rounded the eastern corner of Langkawi to arrive at the Hole in the Wall anchorage on the north coast, at the mouth of the Kilim River.   Apparently this is where the pirates used to hide out before Langkawi was settled.

There are monkeys in the mangroves and lots of monitors swimming in the river.  Around one bend I counted 14 sea eagles feeding.

We visited the Gua Kelawar (Bat Cave).  At the end we realised we hadn’t seen any bats though, so we started again from the beginning,  and there they were, hundreds, maybe thousands of the cute little critters hanging up right at the entrance.  We’d been too busy marvelling at the stalactites and stalagmites to notice them before LOL.

There are a couple of fish farms and a floating restaurant just round the corner from our anchorage.  When we dropped in to the restaurant for refreshments, Rod asked for a couple of Tiger beers to begin with.  “No thank you sir, we only have Skol” was the waitress’s terminally polite reply.

Electricity wires going to the fish farms

Those places get their electricity via cables which snake through the mangroves and over the limestone karsts to a jetty about 20 minutes by tender down the river.  At high tide some of the lines hang in the water.

Oh, and now it’s started raining again.  We could be here a while…

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2 thoughts on “Holed up at the Hole in Wall”

  1. Hi there

    Kinda nice to hear from someone who has sailed on YdL before. We bought Yana de Lys from Jean Jacques about three years ago. Sadly he had a heart attack six years before that and Yana had been left languishing on the hard stand at Rebak Island. Still a fair bit of work left to get her back to her former glory…


  2. Hi, just reminising about some boats I sailed on a about 12 years ago. One of the boats was Yana de Lys with French dude and a skipper. Surprised to see the boat is still in the same area.

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